Peter and the Wolf
5 – 11 October 2019
Price: FREE (Unallocated Seating)
Perth Cultural Centre, AWESOME Arts Festival
Running time: 35 minutes
Recommended for ages 3+

With wolves lurking, Peter’s grandmother doesn’t want him leaving the garden. But he does and sees a duck in a pond arguing with a little bird. When a cat approaches he warns the bird who flies into a tree. Suddenly a wolf appears…


A FREE season presented at the AWESOME Arts Festival this October in Northbridge’s Perth Cultural Centre (just in front of PICA), Peter and the Wolf  is West Australian Ballet’s creation for the children of WA. With an encapsulating performance set to the sounds of Perth Symphony Orchestra, kids of all ages will be thrilled as they witness Peter and friends attempt to capture the Wolf.


And after every show, join in on a free activity with West Australian Ballet’s Teaching Artists!


Please note, Peter and the Wolf is a free general admission event with no tickets allocated – but don’t worry, with nearly 1000 seats there should be plenty of room!

Saturday 5 October, 11:00am

Monday 7 October, 11:00am

Tuesday 8 October, 11:00am

Wednesday 9 October, 11:00am

Thursday 10 October, 11:00am

Friday 11 October, 11:00am

The beginning:

This is the story of Peter and the Wolf…


Peter lived with his Grandmother in a house in the woods. One morning, Peter went outside to play in the meadow where he met his friend, the little bird. “All is quiet, all is quiet” chirped the bird.


A Duck came waddling through the open gate and decided to have a swim in the pond. Seeing the Duck in the pond, the little bird asked: “What kind of a Bird are you, if you can’t fly?”


“What kind of a Bird are you, if you can’t swim?” replied the Duck. They argued – the Bird chirping away from the bank of the pond and the Duck swimming up and down in the water.


Just then, Grandmother’s cat wandered into the meadow. Seeing the Bird and the Duck arguing, she thought “While those two are arguing, I’ll sneak up on the bird and grab her!” Slowly, she crept closer and closer on her velvet paws. As she was about to catch the little Bird, Peter spotted her and shouted: “Look out!”


Swiftly, the Bird flew up into the tree. The Duck flapped and quacked angrily at the cat – from the middle of the pond. The Cat thought to herself: “Is it worth it climbing into the tree to catch the little Bird? By the time I get there, she will have flown off!” So she went to the edge of the meadow to bask in the morning sun.


The middle:

Just then, Grandmother came out of the house. She was angry that Peter had gone into the meadow on his own. When she was younger, she had run into a Wolf in the forest and he had tried to eat her and her Grandmother. She had been saved by a woodsman and the Wolf’s head was now mounted on the outside of her garden wall – as a warning to all other wolves to stay away. “What if a Wolf were to come out of the forest? What then?” she asked. Despite his pleas, Grandmother took Peter by the hand, dragged him back into the yard and closed the gate.


Just then, a Wolf did come out of the forest.


In an instant, the Cat scampered up into the tree. But the Duck, in her excitement, jumped out of the pond!


She tried to outrun the Wolf, but no matter how hard she tried, ducks are not designed for running. The Wolf was catching up with her, getting nearer and nearer. And then – in one gulp – swallowed her!


The end:

Now, this is how things stood: the Cat was sitting on one branch of the tree and Bird on the other. The Wolf walked round and round the tree, but couldn’t get up into the tree to eat either of them.


Meanwhile, Peter, sneaking into the meadow again, saw the Wolf sitting at the foot of the tree. Quietly, he returned to the house, fetched a strong rope and climbed onto the wall, next to the tree in which the Bird and the Cat were sitting.


“Fly down and circle around the Wolf’s head. Only, take care that he doesn’t catch you!” he said to the little bird. She flew down, flapping her wings at the Wolf’s head, while the Wolf snapped angrily at her. How the  Bird taunted the Wolf and how the Wolf wanted to catch her! But the Bird was faster and cleverer than the Wolf and there was nothing that the Wolf could do about it.


As the bird was occupying the Wolf, Peter had taken the rope and made a lasso out of it. He gave it to the cat, who climbed down from the tree, quietly snuck up and … tied the rope around the Wolf!


The Wolf began to jump wildly, pulling on the rope. Peter had tied the other end of the rope to the tree and, the more the Wolf jumped and pulled, the tighter the rope wound around it. Exhausted, the Wolf collapsed at the foot of the tree.


Just then, two hunters came out of the forest, following the Wolf’s trail.


“Don’t shoot!” shouted Peter. “Birdie, Cat and I have already caught the wolf. Please help us take him to the zoo!”


Imagine the triumphant procession: Peter, leading the Hunters and the Wolf, Grandmother, the Cat and the Little Bird. “My, what brave fellows we are, Peter and I! Look what we have caught!” chirped the  Bird.


And, if you listened very carefully, you might have heard the Duck quacking inside the Wolf. Because the Wolf, in his hurry, had swallowed her… ALIVE!

Artistic Director: Aurélien Scannella

Choreographer: Andries Weidemann

Set & Costume Designer: Maeli Cherel

Composer: Sergei Prokofiev

Musical Arranger: Michael Brett

Recorded music performed by Perth Symphony Orchestra with West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, conducted by Michael Brett with narration by Julia Moody. Music recorded and mastered by Mal Luker.

March in Bb, Op. 99 (1944) by Sergei Prokofiev

Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 (1936) by Sergei Prokofiev


Music arranged and conducted by Michael Brett, Head of Music, West Australian Ballet

Performed by Perth Symphony Orchestra and students of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University

Recorded on Wednesday 3 July, 2019 at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts by Mal Luker (Twin Palms Studios)


Narrated by Julia Moody

Recorded at Twin Palms Studios, Mt Lawley, WA by Mal Luker (Twin Palms Studios)


Post-production editing and mastering by Mal Luker, Twin Palms Studios, Mt Lawley, WA


Violin 1

Margaret Blades (Concertmaster)

* Robyn Blann

Violin 2

Rachael Aquilina

* Adrian Biemmi


Alix Hamilton

* Erica Ketterer


Sophie Curtis

Double Bass

Ebony Lim


Diane Riddell


Stephanie Nicholls


Cath Cahill


Joanne Littlely


Wendy Tait

Nicole Dixon


Adrian Kelly


Bruce Thompson

* Jeremy Mazurek

Timpani and Percussion

* Thomas Robertson

* Germaine Png


* Guest player – Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

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