Annual Appeal

Make a difference by supporting West Australian Ballet


Whether you have just discovered West Australian Ballet, or have been attending performances for years, you probably know that you have connected with something special.


As the oldest ballet company in the country, West Australian Ballet is charting an exciting course – from collaborations that celebrate our cultural heritage, to the classics of the purest form, to new productions that are redefining the artform. This Company is turning heads not just in WA – but across Australia and around the world.


Seasons are innovative, diverse, and often exquisite – each performance takes you on a journey that will leave you feeling breathless, joyful, and in sheer wonder at the potential and beauty of the human body.


But there is so much more. Beneath the sets, costumes and performance experience, there is a genuine desire to enrich the lives of our community through dance. Workshops, classes, residencies and open rehearsals bring new dreams and inspiration to so many different sectors of our general public.


We cannot do it alone. We want you to come and be a part of it – we need your help! Join me in supporting this inspirational company, and the contribution they make in our community.


Alexandra Burt

Patron, Private Giving

Areas of Support

Support our Artistic Vision

Artistic Vision & Performances


“The discipline of our dancers and team to become the best ballet company we can be, partnered with the consistent support of generous philanthropists will allow West Australian Ballet to continue to shine as a ‘national pride’. Thank you for your ongoing support, we cannot continue without you.” – Aurélien Scannella, Artistic Director 


Our performance seasons are the culmination of hard work, passion, and meticulous planning by a team of professionals. We invite you to support some of the widely varied resources that take us from the vision of our Artistic Director, to the final curtain call on Closing Night.


$100 Provide a freelance pianist to play for a studio rehearsal


$500 One week of makeup for The Nutcracker


$2,000 Provide one week of rehearsals with an international choreographer


$5,000 Help subsidise the licensing and royalty costs for La Sylphide


Donate a pair of Pointe Shoes to your favourite Dancer for only $75

 Pointe Shoe Fund


When you see a timeless ballet classic such as La Sylphide, you will witness rows of beautifully moving pointe shoes, quivering and shimmering like water in the sun. Over 700 pairs of pointe shoes are individually moulded and shaped by our ballerinas each year. Each pair of shoes has its own unique story, no two pairs are the same.


We invite you to become part of the journey behind a pair of pointe shoes. When you gift a pair of shoes to your favourite dancer, you are starting a new story.



$75 A pair of pointe shoes for your favourite ballerina


$125 A pair of pointe shoes and a Pointe Shoe Kit including a sewing kit, a hammer, shellac and paint brush


$500 A rehearsal tutu and a pair of pointe shoes for your favourite ballerina


$1,000 A two-week supply of pointe shoes for a Principal Dancer’s performances


Find out more about our Access Programs



At the heart of West Australian Ballet, is our mission to share the joy and love of ballet and to enrich the lives of West Australians through dance. We believe the opportunity to experience a ballet performance or class should be accessible to all – to unlock the door to a world of music and dance, find creativity in movement, bring joy to those in hardship and inspire new dreams.


We invite you to help share the magic of ballet with West Australians across our vast and diverse state.



$75 Subsidise a child’s ticket to a Schools Matinee performance at His Majesty’s Theatre


$500 Education resources to help teachers implement dance in their classroom


$1,000 Subsidise 20 performance tickets for a community group experiencing disadvantage


$2,500 Give a week long residency to a Perth metropolitan school


$10,000 Provide accommodation for all dancers on a Regional Tour


Dancer Wellbeing

Dancer Health & Wellbeing


Thrilling lifts, gravity-defying leaps, dizzying turns en pointe – professional dancers sometime seem super-human in their performances.


As an artist, they must live and breathe the characters that inhabit their ballet story.


As an athlete, they need ongoing professional treatment and advice to train, maintain and rehabilitate their precious bodies.


As a person, they need resources to support healthy, strong minds to deal with the demands of life on the stage.


Your support is crucial to their ongoing success as an artist, an athlete and a person.


$100 One month’s supply of 4-way tape for dancer’s injuries


$150 A Daily Warmup and Strengthening Pack including mat, strengthening ring, foam roller, theraband and massage ball


$1,000 Two Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops for the entire company


$3,000 A portable Pilates Reformer and jump board for training in Perth and on tour


ALICE (in wonderland)

ALICE Campione


For 10 years, members of Campione have partnered with West Australian Ballet to bring new ballet productions to our state. We invite you to join this very special journey which combines philanthropy, access, artistic content, and some of the brightest global ballet talent to give you a ‘money-can’t-buy’ connection with a very special ballet; ALICE (in wonderland).


As an ALICE ‘Champion’, you will be acknowledged at an exclusive evening with Choreographer Septime Webre as he shares the inspiration behind his distinctive choreography.


You will have an opportunity to view the opulent costumes up close and personal at a private Wardrobe Tour before the Premiere and celebrate your philanthropic support at a special onstage cocktail party where you can ‘walk amongst Wonderland’ just as Alice does! Learn about the ballet in great detail through regular updates and insights into the spectacular elements that culminate in this dazzling re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s iconic tale.


Mischievous, whimsical and spectacular, help us bring the magic of Wonderland to life in 2019!


$1,000  Gold Campione


$2,000  Ruby Campione


$5,000  Sapphire Campione


$10,000  Diamond Campione


$25,000  Lead Campione



Minimum donation $1,000.

Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Lead Campione Patrons will be invited to sponsor a character on stage!

A message from the Philanthropy Team


When you support West Australian Ballet, you will be invited to get to know the Company and our Dancers through invitations to exclusive events, discovering the wonderful world of ballet on and off the stage.


You will become a member of our Giving Circles, experiencing a range of unique insights and opportunities to connect with like-minded people who also love ballet, our extended ‘WAB family’.


Our Kira Bousloff Circle honours those who choose to make a planned gift to support the future of ballet in Western Australia.


We invite you to call, drop in or email us at any time to find out more about playing a part (however large or small) with your State ballet company. Your advocacy and generosity is the power behind the growth of this company as it goes from strength to strength – we cannot do it without you.


Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Catherine Henwood

Catherine Henwood

Philanthropy Director

(08) 9214 0723

Taui Pinker

Taui Pinker

Philanthropy Manager – Annual Giving

(08) 9214 0703

Penny Dolling

Penny Dolling

Philanthropy Manager – Planned Giving

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Suzanne Combemorel

Suzanne Combemorel

Philanthropy Coordinator

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