Annual Appeal



For 65 years West Australian Ballet has brought beauty and grace to stages throughout our State and beyond. As Patron of Private Giving, I ask you to consider making a gift to support our dancers in this special year.

Giving opportunities include pointe shoes for your favourite dancer or a ballet ticket for a child, costumes for Dracula or medical tape for dancer injuries. Every gift counts.

If you love our work, please help us give you more of what you love.

Thank you for your generous support of West Australian Ballet.

Alexandra Burt

Patron of Private Giving


Artistic Direction & Season Performances


Opening Night is the culmination of hard work, passion, and meticulous planning by a team of professionals. Here are a few of the steps along the way…

18 months
The ballet production is booked and contracts are signed.
6 months
Sets and costumes arrive for repairs and alterations, wigs and beards begin to be made and specialist make-up is purchased.
6 weeks
International choreographer arrives for daily rehearsals and costume fittings commence.
2 weeks
Technical crew ‘bump in’ sets to His Majesty’s Theatre, and the Conductor arrives to start work with the orchestra.
1 week
The dancers commence stage rehearsals at the theatre and the lighting designer starts ‘plotting’.
2 days
First combined rehearsal for orchestra and dancers.
1 day
Final dress rehearsal.



$100 Provide a freelance pianist to play for a studio rehearsal


$500 One week of makeup during a story ballet season


$1,500 Provide one day of rehearsal with an international choreographer


$3,000 Licensing costs for a performance season of an existing ballet


 Pointe Shoe Fund


“I was 12 years old when I wore my first pair of pointe shoes. I will never forget the feeling of my first step in those shoes… It is the same feeling I have when I step onstage now. The long hours and hard work of rehearsal slip away, and I am transported into another world of beauty, grace and weightlessness..”
– Brooke Widdison-Jacobs, Principal Dancer

Today Brooke has danced through hundreds of pairs of pointe shoes in her quest for perfection. As a Principal Dancer, Brooke will dance through 60 pairs of shoes each year in the many demanding roles she performs.

On average, West Australian Ballet spends $60,000 per year on pointe shoes.


$75 One pair of shoes for your favourite ballerina


$200 A pair of pointe shoes and a rehearsal tutu for your favourite ballerina


$500 One week of pointe shoes for a prima ballerina during a performance season


Dracula Campione


We are very excited to announce a brand new, world premiere of Dracula for Perth audiences, which will take us on a journey of lust, sacrifice, life and death… but above all, this is a love story.


With a mind-blowing combination of global talent, choreographer Krzysztof Pastor joins forces with set and costume designers Charles Cusick Smith and Philip R Daniels to create a stunning new production.


You can be part of this exciting premiere by joining the Dracula Campione, our “Dracula Champions”.


We invite you to join us in creating this iconic love story with an eternal curse.


$1,000 Gold Campione


$2,000 Ruby Campione*


$5,000 Sapphire Campione*


$10,000 Diamond Campione*


$25,000 Lead Campione*


Minimum donation $1,000.

*Patrons of Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Lead Campione are invited to sponsor a costume.



If you have any questions regarding the Dracula Campione, please call a member of our Philanthropy Team on (08) 9214 0714 or send us an email.



“When we were on the bus I felt bored because ballet is for girls but when we were there I was amazed – breath taking. Once it started and finished I wanted to watch it again and again because it was great…”
– Student

At the heart of West Australian Ballet is our mission to share the joy and love of ballet and to enrich the lives of West Australians through dance. We believe the opportunity to experience a ballet performance or class should be accessible to all – to unlock the door to a new world of music and dance, find creativity in movement, motivate those in hardship, inspire new dreams, and encourage all to experience the magic of ballet.


$75 Subsidise one child’s ticket to attend a Schools Matinee performance at His Majesty’s Theatre


$500 Education packs to prepare students for a Schools Matinee performance


$1,000 Masterclass Auditions for aspiring young WA dancers


$2,500 A week-long in-school residency for a Perth metropolitan school


$6,000 Provide a workshop for a regional community prior to a regional tour


Dancer Health & Wellbeing


“During performances of Snow White I had to perform the role of the Prince which put a lot of pressure on my left ankle which I had injured earlier that year. Our Health & Wellbeing team provided treatment and advice which allowed me to continue performing and minimised the chances of any further injury. I’m so grateful to our philanthropists for their support of our Health & Wellbeing program.”
– Alessio Scognamiglio, Demi-soloist

Thrilling lifts, gravity defying leaps, dizzying turns en pointe – a ballet dancer’s daily routine is comprised of highly complex and physically demanding movement patterns, all disguised with expert balance, flexibility and musicality.

As artists, they must live and breathe their characters and inhabit their ballet story. As athletes, they need ongoing professional treatment and advice to train, maintain and rehabilitate their precious bodies.


$100 One month supply of 4-way tape to repair injuries


$150 Pilates essentials pack (mat, strengthening ring, foam roller, theraband and massage ball)


$1,000 Conditioning classes for the entire company for two months


$2,000 A Principal Dancer’s recovery sports massage for a full season


Kira Bousloff Circle


Click on the link below to find out more about the Kira Bousloff Circle.