Season 2019

Season 2019 Launch

A moment of transcendence, that’s what they call it.

But we know better.

This is earthly-bound stuff.

Bodies of muscle and sinew, moving in ways that defy nature, but that art has made flesh.

These moments make memories, that we jealously hoard.

We’re made richer for gathering them.

From every moment, before our eyes, that cannot, must not, be missed.



“Each dance performance is unique, it’s art that comes alive onstage,”

“Season 2019 will see intense contemporary works, the reimagining of classic tales and eccentric family favourites performed for the people of Western Australia.”

Aurélien Scannella, Artistic Director


Benefits of a season package:

  • Flexible ticketing – change your tickets as your circumstances change, up to two working days before your performance.
  • Receive an extra 10% off and no booking fees on additional adult single tickets
  • Special deals –Subscribers receive pre-sale offers, privileges and special deals throughout the year as they become available. You are our VIPs after all!
    • 25% off all full priced Atlas Pearls jewellery purchased in store.
    • Discounts on tickets to West Australian Opera, Black Swan State Theatre Company, West Australian Symphony Orchestra & Australian Chamber Orchestra
    • 10% discount on merchandise purchased at the Ballet Centre.
    • $5 OFF events held at the WAB centre- Genesis $53 tickets (normally $58), Vernissage $25 tickets (normally $30)

Immerse yourself in West Australian Ballet’s Season 2019 below.


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Ballet at the Quarry 2019