Pointe Shoe Fund

Pointe Shoe Fund

Nikki Blain, Carina Roberts and Polly Hilton. Photo by Frances Andrijich.
“When I receive a new pair of shoes, I strengthen the sole with shellac (varnish) so they support me during each step en pointe.”
– Polly Hilton, Demi-Soloist
“I love being en pointe. Although I am still on the ground, I feel my pointe shoes lift me just that little bit higher… I feel ethereal.”
– Nikki Blain, Corps de Ballet
“As part of my routine, I always darn the pointe of my shoes, so the satin doesn’t rip during tough rehearsal days.”
– Carina Roberts, Corps de Ballet


When you see a timeless ballet classic such as La Sylphide, you will witness rows of beautifully moving pointe shoes, quivering and shimmering like water in the sun. Over 700 pairs of pointe shoes are individually moulded and shaped by our ballerinas each year, at a cost of $60,000 annually!


Each pair of shoes has its own unique story, no two pairs are the same. We invite you to become part of the journey behind a pair of pointe shoes. When you gift a pair of shoes to your favourite dancer, you are starting a new story.


$75 A pair of pointe shoes for your favourite ballerina


$125 A pair of pointe shoes and a Pointe Shoe Kit including a sewing kit, a hammer, shellac and paint brush


$500 A rehearsal tutu and a pair of pointe shoes for your favourite ballerina


$1,000 A two-week supply of pointe shoes for a Principal Dancer’s performances


Thank you! Your gift of a pair of pointe shoes will be worn with pride and joy by West Australian Ballet ballerinas.