Level Description

Level Description

Ballet Basics 

No ballet experience needed what so ever, this class is for complete beginners and runs as a five week introductory course.

During the 5-week course the classes will repeat class content and build on previously learnt content from week to week. Exercises and class structure will refresh and change at the commencement of each 5 week block. New students will not be permitted to join mid-way through a five week block. Students will still need to discuss their progression from this class to a higher level class with their teacher. As a general rule we advise students to repeat this course a minimum of 4 times before progressing to Beginners Ballet.


For start dates of our Ballet Basics Introductory Course please go to our online booking site.

Beginners Ballet

Beginners classes are suitable for people who have some level of ballet experience, even if many years have passed since participating in a ballet class. Which level you participate in depends on your experience and your current level of fitness.

Level 1 – We recommend at least one year of ballet experience for this level. This class is ideal for those who want to move up a level/progress from the Ballet Basics Course.

Level 2 – We recommend at least two years of current ballet experience for this level. This class is for those who are not yet ready to progress to the Intermediate level.

Intermediate Ballet

This class is for those who have several years of recent experience in ballet and have a sound understanding of ballet technique.

Level 1 – This class is ideal for those who wish to move up a level from the Beginners. This class requires moderate cardio, strength and flexibility.

Level 2 – This class is for those who are not yet ready to progress to the Advanced level. This class requires a moderate to high level of cardio, strength and flexibility.


Intermediate 2/Advanced Coaching Class 

This class is designed for higher level students wanting to refine their movement with particular focus on pirouettes, allegro, stamina, strength and pointe/pre-pointe work. Each week students will be presented with a different focus area with extra time to explore and perfect their skills. This class is longer in duration than our other classes, and capped at 14 students to allow the teacher to provide more individual feedback and coaching.

Advanced Ballet

This class is for participants with a strong knowledge and considerable experience in ballet technique or those advised by WAB teachers to advance from the Intermediate level. This class requires a high level of cardio, strength and fitness.

Pre-Pointe (50mins)

An introduction to pointe exercises completed en flat (canvas shoes) as well as class work designed to strengthen the body, legs and feet in preparation for working en pointe. If you are curious and seeking a new challenge then this is the class for you. You will not require pointe shoes for this class. This class suits students who have reached Beginners Ballet Level 2 and above.


Pointe Level 1 (50mins)

After attending a  significant number of Pre-Pointe lessons or equivalent, students will complete the majority of the lesson en pointe with exercises at the barre as well as an introduction to centre practice.

Ballet Conditioning

These classes aim to increase flexibility and strength through various exercises designed to target muscles and alignment used in ballet, and are a great compliment to regular ballet classes.

Suitable for all levels.



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