For Schools and Dance Studios

For Schools and Dance Studios

“Watching an entire front row of boys doing pliés together or 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc positions – amazing!” 
TEACHER – Eaton Primary School


“I couldn’t stop dancing when I got home.””
STUDENT – Year 5


Help share the world of dance with your students by bringing West Australian Ballet to your school or studio. Learning directly from our highly-skilled teaching artists will inspire, engage, excite and challenge any misconceptions. Which one of your students will be the next prima ballerina, choreographer, costume designer or enthusiastic audience member?


Take your students on a journey of learning: watch a live, professional, full-length production at His Majesty’s Theatre, learn direct from our highly-skilled teaching artists, or dive deep into understanding the processes involved in creating a dance work through a week-long residency at your school.


Access Programs 2019 - Polly Hilton

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