For Schools

For Schools

Educating Wa’s school students about ballet as an art form and a part of our cultural landscape.

“…the confidence they gained in participation is extremely valuable… The students were very proud and did so with confidence. They are still talking about it.” 


“When we were on the bus I felt bored because ballet is for girls but when we were there I was amazed – breath taking. Once it started and finished I wanted to watch it again and again because it was great.”



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An introduction to dance and the performing arts at a young age can help shape a life-time of enjoyment and inspiration.


Take your students on a journey of learning: watch a live, professional, full-length production at His Majesty’s Theatre, learn direct from our highly-skilled teaching artists, or dive deep into understanding the processes involved in creating a dance work through a week-long residency at your school.


West Australian Ballet presents special matinee performances for primary and secondary schools, Ed Support Centres, home schools and dance schools, performed at the iconic His Majesty’s Theatre.


Students: $15 each (one teacher free per every ten students)

Additional chaperones: $20 (maximum 4 adults for every 10 children).

Bookings open 12 October 2015. If you would like a Booking Form sent to your school please call us on (08) 9214 0707.


Most performances are suitable for children aged 7 and up. Please see below for specific performance suitability.


Teachers Resource Packs are available for all Schools’ Matinees, including extra information and pre- and post-performance activities.


Curriculum Links – Responding

  • Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Ethical understanding
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability


To book please complete and return a WAB Education Booking Form 2017



Schools Matinees


Live Performances Just For Schools


For each of WAB’s productions at His Majesty’s Theatre we set aside one performance for school students to experience the buzz and excitement of a live ballet performance. Each booking is accompanied by a complimentary Teacher’s Resource Pack containing additional information about the production, and packed with classroom activities for both before and after the performance.




We open the School Matinee performance and our Twilight performances at $15 per student, one free teacher’s ticket for every 10 students. Additional adults $30, maximum of four adults for every 10 students.  Limited school-priced tickets available for 6.30pm Twilight performances, contact the Access team for more details.


The Great Gatsby


Wednesday 20 September, 12 noon

His Majesty’s Theatre with West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Choreographed by David Nixon

Approximate running time 2 hours & 10 mins | Australian Premiere |

Suitable for Years 4 – 12


Nick Carraway comes to know his infamous neighbour Jay Gatsby – a mysterious millionaire with a secret past and a penchant for lavish parties and beautiful women.


As the sparkling façade of Gatsby’s world begins to slip, Carraway comes to see the loneliness, obsession and tragedy that lies beneath.



Peter Pan


Wednesday 22 November, 12 noon

His Majesty’s Theatre with West Australian Philharmonic Orchestra

Choreographed by Russell Kerr

Approximate running time 2 hours & 10 mins | Suitable for Years 1 – 12


Peter Pan once again makes his way to His Majesty’s Theatre stage. With a little help from some fairy dust, Peter whisks the Darling children from their London home to the magical realm of Neverland.


A hit with Perth audiences in 2013 for its larger-than-life characters, dazzling sets and costumes, and energy literally flying off the stage, Peter Pan is a fantasy-filled adventure for all ages.


Bringing dance to your classroom


A visit from WAB’s Education Team to your school will engage, inspire and educate your students. Whether they learn about the process of putting on a production and the life of a dancer in a Ballet Unveiled Presentation, or learn the physical elements of dance in a Ballet Moves Workshop, there’s an affordable activity for all year levels.


Both activities can be organised either as an incursion or excursion, and both can be tailored to suit educational interests at primary or secondary levels. Teacher resources are available for these activities.


Curriculum Links – Making

  • Numeracy
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Ethical understanding
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability


Where: At your school or at WABC, Maylands

Cost: $250 ($200 if booking with a Schools’ Matinee group)


To book please complete and return a WAB Education Booking Form 2017





Who: PP – Yr 12


Ever wondered how many hours a day a professional dancer trains? Or how special effects are achieved on stage? And just what is the difference between Romantic and Classical ballet? Ballet Unveiled is an engaging and insightful presentation designed to give students a greater understanding of the history of ballet, the life of a dancer, and all the elements that come together to create a ballet production. Sessions involve costume displays, movement demonstrations, discussions, and question and answer times.


Ballet Unveiled can be tailored to suit educational interests at primary or secondary levels.





Who: Pre-Primary – Year 6


Students work with professional teaching artists from West Australian Ballet, learning basic ballet positions and movements designed to enhance coordination, flexibility, musicality and creativity. Workshops generally run for 45-60 minutes and include a warm-up, centre work and creative movement exercise with a focus on basic ballet technique but also encompassing other forms of dance.





Who: Year 7 – Year 12


With poise, alignment, flexibility, musicality and co-ordination at the heart of the technique, classical ballet forms a solid foundation for all current genres of dance. Students work with WAB’s professional teaching artists on movement and choreographic exercises linked to the Company’s current repertoire. Content can be tailored for beginners through to advanced students.





Who: Pre-Primary – Year 12, maximum 35 students in residency program

When: Available on request

Cost: $2,200 ($1,950 if booked with a Schools’ Matinee)


A week-long in-school residency enables students to dive deep into an immersive creative learning experience. Students are led through daily workshops containing ballet technique and the creation of their own dance piece to be performed at the conclusion of the residency. The program enables students to cement their understanding of dance and ballet whilst developing meaningful relationships with WAB’s teaching artists, encouraging their creative abilities, and sharing the outcome with their fellow students, teachers and the wider school community.



All our sessions are conducted by WAB’s highly-skilled teaching artists, all of whom possess current Working With Children Checks.



For more information contact (08) 9214 0707 or or or complete a WAB Education Booking Form 2017


Visit us at the West Australian Ballet Centre and see how WA’s State dance company works first-hand.



Activities include:


Ballet Moves Workshop (see information above)


Ballet Unveiled Presentation (see information above)


Watching company class or rehearsal


Sometimes students need to see for themselves how hard a professional dancer works. Watching how WAB’s dancers train is an inspiring experience for students of all ages. Bring a group to watch company class on one of the Open Friday (hyperlink) dates, or talk to us about a time that suits you.



Students $10 per person

Great Leaps members $5 per person

Teachers Up to 2 teachers free for every 30 students

Additional adults $10 per person


Tour of the WABC


Take a personalised tour of our heritage-listed home. Formally the Institute for the Blind, the building became home to West Australian Ballet in 2012. Now housing 4 state of the arts studios, a large wardrobe department, and a walk-in cupboard just for shoes, a tour of the WABC is the ideal way for students to gain a deeper understanding of the workings of a professional ballet company.


Cost: $5 per person, up to 2 teachers free for every 30 students.


To book please complete and return a WAB Education Booking Form 2017