For Our Community

For Our Community

Providing opportunities for everyone in our community to watch, listen, dream and dance.

“It was like a holiday from my suffering. It was like I was living a different life for two hours, it totally carried me away to a beautiful place.”

Over 6,000 people participate in West Australian Ballet’s Community Programmes annually, from school children, teachers, fellow artists, volunteers and the general public. These programmes provide the opportunity for anyone to learn and be touched by the magic of dance.





The Lotterywest Community Matinee Series was initiated in 2010 as a targeted effort to break down the barriers that many people in our community face in order to access the arts. We work with key community support organisations to overcome barriers of a social, cultural, physical and/or economic nature as we believe everyone should be able to participate and enjoy the wonderful experience of a ballet performance.


In 2010, community matinees were hosted for refugees and emerging migrant communities, people who are blind or visually impaired, and the elderly community. In 2011 we welcomed the hearing-impaired community, and those living with cancer. In 2012 we invited family support agencies, and emergency services volunteers to participate, and in 2013 we welcomed disadvantaged youth, and people affected by mental health issues. In 2014 we worked with Red Cross Australia to help celebrate their 100th anniversary, and people with disabilities and their support networks in honour of International Day for People with Disabilities. In 2015 we welcomed people from recent immigrant or refugee backgrounds, and held a special community matinee in honour of the International Day for the Prevention of Violence Against Women.





West Australian Ballet has hosted Jumpstart Dress Rehearsals for more than ten years. With the support of Lotterywest, the company has given in excess of 30,000 tickets away to members of our community who are disadvantaged in some way, whether it be physically, socially or economically.


Some of the organisations we work with include ASeTTS, The Department of Child Protection, the Starlight Foundation, the Ability Centre and the Esther Foundation.


If you would like to learn more about either of our community programmes, please contact Deborah Robertson, Access Manager on or (08) 9214 0707.