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What is a Subscriber? What is the difference with Season Package Holders?


Season Package Holders and Subscribers are the same. We have been changing the language to more accurately represent what it is the patron is purchasing. These customers purchase a package of our shows, purchased at the same time through WAB only. These are packages of two shows, three shows, or all four main stage shows.


Can we take different people to different shows?

All tickets purchased in a package are entered into the Ticketek system under the buyer’s name. They are then free to hand them out to whichever friends they like. However, if they purchase a child’s or a pensioner subscription then the ticket will need to be given to one of the same category.



Can I get a refund or swap my tickets?

There is no refund available on any tickets. Ticket exchanges are allowed only to Season Package Holders – one of the major benefits of purchasing a package. Season Package Holders must contact us at least 2 business days prior to their originally selected show, and we must have the original tickets in hand before we can issue new ones. They can post them in or drop them in to WAB HQ. They must be swapped for the same show they have tickets for, and the same seating allocation, and are subject to availability.



What happens if I lose my tickets?


Issued tickets are not generally reprinted for security purposes – in case someone else has got a hold of their tickets and try to use them. Instead, the venue can issue Lost Ticket Vouchers to the subscriber before their show so that if they find any sitting in their seats they can prove they have a genuine claim to those seats.
Subscribers should contact West Australian Ballet. Patrons with tickets to only one show should contact Ticketmaster or Ticketek (again, we recommend going into the Box Office for the swiftest and best service). We recommend checking thoroughly that the tickets are lost before contacting any company – there is a fee associated with issuing lost ticket vouchers. ID may also be required.







What happens if it rains at the Quarry?


If the forecast is bad, the office will on alert. Often the decision on whether or not a production will go on will not be made until the last minute in the hope that the weather will clear. However if it does not, then Season Package Holders and general ticket holders are offered a few choices.
1. Firstly, WAB has Rain Day Contingency set aside. This means we will put on an additional show. All tickets held for the rained out show are valid for this performance, in the exact same seats.
2. Second option is to swap patron ticket for an alternative day in the season. We will endeavour to get them into the best seats left available for that performance, but cannot promise it will be as good as they had and is subject to having any availability. We will also need to receive the physical copy of their tickets.
3. If none of these options are possible for the purchaser, refunds are available. However, this process can take some time to complete.

If a rain day cancellation does occur, WAB staff will contact Season Package Holders to arrange alternatives and Ticketmaster will contact general ticket buyers. Rain Day cancellations are rare.



Why can’t I purchase tickets to the Upper Circle at the moment?

At His Majesty’s Theatre, the highest level of seating is called the Upper Circle. When there is space in other reserves in the theatre, patrons are sometimes moved into other levels. This can be disruptive to seated patrons, so to minimise this we have chosen to close the Upper Circle until such time as the seats in the lower levels are sold out.
Opening the Upper Circle for purchases will be done on a case by case basis closer to the time of the production.



How do I know if the ballet is traditional, contemporary or a re-interpretation of something else?


Call or email the team at WAB HQ. We are always happy to advise.



Is this ballet suitable to bring my child to?


There are many factors to take into account when bringing children to a WAB production. Firstly, you know the temperament of your child better than we do. If you believe your child can sit patiently and quietly through the production (often between 1.5 and 2 hours) then they are welcome.
Secondly, some shows are more suitable than others for varying reasons.


I want to see my favourite dancer performing. When will I know what date they are dancing?


Casting for each performance does go on our website. However, due to many factors this is often not decided until quite late in the rehearsal period. Often, casting is still up in the air until two weeks before the show opens. Casting is also subject to change on a day to day basis. Due to the highly physical nature of the artform, dancers may need to be replaced at the last minute. We apologise for the inconvenience. For performances selling out quickly, we do not recommend waiting for casting to be announced – sometimes shows can be sold out weeks prior to the production.





Estimated running times are available for each show on their page. However, these too are subject to change. We often cannot be completely accurate with running times until the show is rehearsed in its entirety in the theatre – usually the week before the production. While most intervals are 20 minutes long, these too can vary a little. Also, the beginning of the show is held for a few minutes occasionally for varying reasons.






Can you recommend a ballet school?


It is WAB’s policy to not recommend any particular ballet school in Perth above any other. The best people to ask is AusDance WA (08) 9322 6101, an independent advocacy group for dance who maintain the most up to date information about dance schools in the state.

WAB’s public classes are for adults only (over 18 years). For more information head to our Adult Dance Classes page or have a read of the Adult Dance Classes FAQ’s.



What can I buy from your shop?


WAB has a small range of merchandise available from both the theatre during the season and from WAB HQ in Maylands 9 – 5pm Monday-Friday. This consists of WAB branded t-shirts, posters, books, signed pointe shoes and various other ballet themed merchandise. Unfortunately we do not have a dancewear or ballchildoe shop.



Can I come and watch rehearsals or class?


Generally, classes and rehearsals are closed, however WAB has now introduced Open Fridays where the general public are invited to come in and watch the dancers take class in the morning. See under ‘Public Programmes’ on the website for dates and prices, and call WAB HQ for bookings.

If you are part of a dance school or community group who wishes to watch outside of these events, please contact the office.



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