Kim Hughes

Kim has a diverse background including training as a dancer and Physiotherapist. Kim’s initial life dream was to be a ballet dancer and she spent many years pursuing this goal. Her study commenced locally including acceptance into the WA Ballet Company Scholarship classes studying under the guidance of Lucette Aldous and also becoming the youngest member of the Youth Dance Company. At 15 Kim moved to Sydney where she studied at the Marilyn Jones and Garth Welch Ballet School before being selected to travel the USA as a demonstrator for Janina Ciunovas and Jurgen Schneider for teacher’s seminars in the Vagonova method. On completion of the tour, she attended a summer school at the San Francisco Ballet School before being accepted into the Academie de Danse Classique in Monaco under the supervision of Marika Besobrasova. Unfortunately, in Monaco, at the age of 18 Kim’s dance career ended when she developed a neurological condition called Guillaime Barre. Kim returned to Perth and underwent a lengthy rehabilitation programme which further sparked her interest in the human body. Kim went on to complete a Physiotherapy Degree including two Postgraduate Diplomas in Physiotherapy. As Kim became older, she realised her true passion in life was still dance, and she needed to be involved in it again, so she commenced teaching dance and theory/anatomy to dance students. Kim has a real passion for teaching and loves integrating her knowledge of anatomy and muscle function into her teaching allowing her to ensure safe execution of exercises.