Guidelines for making a Bequest to West Australian Ballet



Your bequest is a powerful gift towards the future of ballet in West Australia.


Monies that are left to the ballet are invested in perpetuity and interest from these funds is used to support the artistic programs of West Australian Ballet.


A bequest can be named in your honor or of a loved one – a special memory and an enduring legacy through the West Australian Ballet.


Wording for your Will

This wording is intended as a guide, and may assist your legal adviser in preparing your Will. If you already have made a Will and don’t want to make major change, you may simply add a Codicil to include the West Australian Ballet.


I GIVE, ________% of the residue of my estate/ or the sum of $______________ / or the specific items of________________ / or the residue of my estate… to West Australian Ballet Company (Inc), West Australian Ballet Centre, 134 Whatley Crescent, Maylands, to be used for general purposes of the West Australian Ballet and I DECLARE that the receipt of the General Manager of the West Australian Ballet will be sufficient discharge to my Executor.


Become a Member of The Kira Bousloff Bequest Circle

If you have remembered West Australian Ballet in your estate plan, we would like to welcome you to the Kira Bousloff Bequest Circle.


We invite you to let us know of your intentions so that we can acknowledge your generosity. Please contact Catherine Henwood, Philanthropy Manager by email, philanthropy@waballet.com.au, or (08) 9214 0707.