Giselle Lottery

Our lottery has now been drawn, congratulations to the four winners;

Sonia, Nicole, Les and Lisa.

As West Australian Ballet’s iconic GISELLE prepares to take the stage, a unique opportunity has arisen, FOR YOU TO JOIN US ONSTAGE!


With four exceptional prizes, support West Australian Ballet as the Company raises money for its ALICE (in wonderland) orchestra costs.


1st Prize ➡️ An appearance in the Closing Night performance of West Australian Ballet’s GISELLE including costume fittings for the performance (which includes a bespoke costume to be worn during the performance), two rehearsal viewings with the Company, plus a double pass to the Opening Night of GISELLE with tickets to the VIP function, and four passes to Closing Night of GISELLE so your family/friends can see you on stage as well as four passes to the VIP Curtain Down event.


2nd Prize ➡️ Two A-Reserve Season Packages to West Australian Ballet’s Perth seasons in 2020.


3rd Prize ➡️ An overnight stay at the luxury 5 star Intercontinental Perth City Centre with two A-Reserve tickets to GISELLE (to be taken during the GISELLE season).


4th Prize ➡️ A case of six assorted wines from Wise Wines.


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Standard Lottery Permit: LS21326219

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A 178-year-old tale of impossible love, vengeful ghosts and the ultimate forgiveness. With coveted virtuoso roles and an iconic ‘white ballet act’, this transcendent Romantic-era ballet has stood the test of time – maybe because first love and heartbreak resonates with us all.


Peasant girl Giselle, beautiful and innocent, falls deeply for Albrecht, a prince in disguise. When she discovers he is engaged to another, her grief and shock at his deception sends her mad. She dies of a broken heart and her spirit joins the ‘Wilis’ – ghosts of women betrayed.


The revengeful Wilis lure men into the forest and cruelly force them to dance to their death. They have set their eyes on Albrecht, and Giselle must summon all within her to save him from this terrible fate.


The stunning classical costumes and atmospheric sets will spirit you away to an idyllic time and place, while West Australian Symphony Orchestra bring every emotion to life as they masterfully present Adolphe Adam’s score.


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Act I (a village in Germany)

It’s the morning of the village harvest celebration and the peasants are gathered at the home of Giselle, a beautiful peasant girl, and her mother Berthe.


Giselle has fallen in love with Albrecht, Duke of Silesia, who, disguised as a peasant and using the hut opposite Giselle’s cottage to hide his nobleman’s dress, courts the unsuspecting girl. Today he has brought daisies as a gift for Giselle.


Hilarion, a gamekeeper (who suspects the identity of his rival) is also deeply in love with Giselle.


The villagers return from the fields and celebrate a successful harvest.   During the festivities, the Prince of Courland arrives with his daughter, Bathilde, and a hunting party and stop at Giselle’s cottage. Giselle admires Bathilde and her clothes, not knowing that she is engaged to Albrecht. Upon meeting Giselle, Bathilde is immediately enchanted with her beauty and youthful innocence.


They enjoy an animated conversation and discover that they are both engaged to be married. Unaware that they are betrothed to the same man, Bathilde gives Giselle a beautiful gold necklace to celebrate her engagement.


The celebrations are abruptly interrupted when Hilarion, having discovered Albrecht’s disguise, reveals his rival’s true identity. Giselle, distraught by this unveiled deception loses her reason and is utterly inconsolable. She hears the ghostly call of the Wilis summoning her and she dies, broken-hearted.


Act II (Giselle’s grave in the forest)

Hilarion prays by Giselle’s grave, inconsolable, but is chased away by the Wilis (supernatural spirits of betrothed maidens who have died as a result on being rejected by faithless lovers).


Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis, appears. This is the night Giselle is to be initiated. The Wilis, attired in their bridal dresses dance in the moonlight, are determined to take revenge on all men. They lure any passers-by to their part of the forest and force them to dance until they collapse from exhaustion and die.


Albrecht, consumed by guilt and remorse, brings lilies to Giselle’s grave. Giselle appears to Albrecht, expressing her forgiveness and undiminished affection.


Hilarion returns to the resting place of his beloved Giselle, but both men are entrapped by the Wilis and forced to dance. For Hilarion there is no escape, but by dancing with Albrecht throughout the night, Giselle’s deep and selfless love saves him from the power of the relentless Queen and her attendant Wilis.


At dawn the Wilis’ power is ended and they disappear leaving Albrecht to take a last farewell of Giselle. Albrecht is finally left alone with his sorrow.

Choreographers: Aurélien Scannella and Sandy Delasalle after Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot
Sets & Costumes: Based on the original designs by Peter Cazalet
Lighting: Jon Buswell
Music: Adolphe Adam
Conductor: Jessica Gethin