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GALA program with special commentary from Artistic Director Aurélien Scannella.


First performed in 2017 for Ballet at the Quarry, Takuto is an audience favourite.

I chose to include this as part of GALA because my dancers need to be challenged in different ways. It has been one of the many challenges that my dancers embraced with talent and determination. I knew that this work would look very special at the Quarry Amphitheatre and that the sound of Taiko drums would be impressive. I know that the work will have an even bigger impact at His Majesty's Theatre.

Choreographer: Eric Gauthier
Costumes Designer: Gudrun Schretzmeier
Music composed & performed by Stephan M. Boehme


This pas de deux is a little diamond from classical ballet heritage. I have danced it myself and without a doubt such a pas de deux has its place in our repertoire. Sandy and I were excited to create a new version for our Company for our Regional Tour in 2019. It is now time to offer it to our Perth audience.

Choreographers: Sandy Delasalle & Aurélien Scannella
Costumes Designer: Anna French
Composers: Riccardo Drigo Adagio, Male Variation & Coda Ludwig Minkus Female Variation
Music performed by: Evergreen Symphony Orchestra


Ballet 101 is Eric Gauthier's humorous "crash course" in classical ballet. Using the basic five positions as his starting point, Gauthier creates 100 positions with tongue in cheek references to famous ballets and choreographers. The first section demonstrates the positions, the second half of the piece combines them randomly to create energetic choreography with a surprising end.

I was in New York when I first saw this work. I had never seen such a concept before – it was new, fresh and innovative and the audience in New York started to laugh within 10 seconds. That was when I knew it would be another favourite of our Company.

Choreographer & Costume Designer: Eric Gauthier
Composer: Jens-Peter Abele
Music performed by Eric Gauthier & Jens-Peter Abele


This work was originally created for one couple. When I saw it the first time I thought that adapting the choreography on two couples would be beneficial to the work. The result is a fresh and energetic work, perfect for GALA.

Choreographer: Jayne Smeulders
Costumes Designer: Lyndell Darch
Music: Grand Tarantelle for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 67
Composer: Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Musical Arranger: Hershy Kay
Music performed by: Robert DeGaetano & Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra


First performed by West Australian Ballet in 2017, The Great Gatsby brought F Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel to life. The beautiful pas de deux depicts Daisy and Gatsby as they fall in love with each other all over again.

This ballet is an absolute masterpiece from David Nixon. The music, the sets, the costumes, the choreography – everything is just perfect. When I was putting GALA together, the two duos from this ballet were on the top of my list.

Choreographer & Costume Designer: David Nixon OBE
Co-Director: Patricia Doyle
Music: Partita – II: Lullaby
Composer: Sir Richard Rodney Bennett CBE
Orchestrator: John Longstaff
Music Advisor: Anthony Meredith
Music performed by: Northern Ballet Sinfonia


Choreographer Edward Clug asks; 'What if a modern Juliet chose not to die? What would her life have come to after such tragedies befell her and how could she process such pain?'
Set to the iconic music of Radiohead, the razor sharp movement retells the story of Romeo and Juliet but offers the audience an experience from a different perspective.

I first saw this work in Europe just before I moved to Perth. I loved the concept and the very unique and contemporary way of telling the oldest love story on earth with just seven dancers. It’s simple but sophisticated at the same time – the movements are pure and the music fits perfectly to the work. A very special moment in the work is the “ball scene” where dancers are wearing masks. It hasn’t been added now because of COVID-19, it was originally created like this. Such a premonitory thought from Edward Clug!

Choreographer & Costume Designer: Edward Clug
Costume Designer: Leo Kulas
Music: Idioteque
Composers: Thomas Yorke, Jonathan Greenwood, Edward O’Brien, Philip Selway, Colin Greenwood & Paul Lansky
Music: Like Spinning Plates
Composers: Thomas Yorke, Jonathan Greenwood, Edward O’Brien, Philip Selway & Colin Greenwood
Music performed by: Radiohead


Whilst working from home during COVID-19 'lock-down', Sandy Delasalle created a concept called CoVid Lab.
CoVid Lab was a sell-out to restricted capacity audiences but due to it's popularity I have decided to show some of the most exceptional works on the main stage at His Majesty's Theatre for a larger Perth audience.

Concept & Direction: Sandy Delasalle

Choreographers: Ludovico Di Ubaldo & Alexa Tuzil
Music: This Bitter Earth / On the Nature of Daylight
Composers: Clyde Otis and Max Richter
Music performed by: Dinah Washington and Max Richter


Choreographers: Brent Carson and Beatrice Maser
Music: Fly
Music composed & performed by: Ludovico Einaudi


The pas de deux from Act II of The Great Gatsby is in stark contrast to the previous excerpt from the ballet. While the technicality is equally as high, this piece requires a completely different emotional energy.

By the second Act of the ballet, the excitement and fantasy of Daisy and Gatsby's affair begins to run thin and the two fight to stop their real lives tainting their fantasy together.

Choreographer & Costume Designer: David Nixon OBE
Co-Director: Patricia Doyle
Composer: Sir Richard Rodney Bennett CBE
Music: Partita – II: Lullaby
Orchestrator: John Longstaff
Music Advisor: Anthony Meredith
Music performed by Performed by Northern Ballet Sinfonia


Architecture of Hope made its highly anticipated world premiere at Ballet at the Quarry earlier in the year.
Working with Wubkje was one of the nicest collaborations I have ever worked on. Her choreographic talent is obvious and the result was a creation for West Australian Ballet that is a contemporary masterpiece.

Choreographer & Costume Designer: Wubkje Kuindersma
Music: Adagio (White Ocean Antarctic) from Symphony No. 1 “Oceans”
Composer: Ezio Bosso
Lighting Designer: Michael Rippon
Music performed by: Orchestra Filharmonica ‘900 del teatro Regio di Torino


First presented in 2018 at Ballet at the Quarry, Les Indomptés is a ‘dual flight’ full of energy, seeking something to ‘let go of ’ – to find the desire in a body offered, letting the vocalism of movement vibrate. The dancers tear themselves away, run and fly, wild and savage, re-discovering their first animal instincts then repel themselves, finding the ecstasy in the moment.

This work is probably the most beautiful duo ever made for two men, I absolutely needed to include this in GALA.

Choreographer & Costume Designer: Claude Brumachon
Assistant Choreographer: Benjamin Lamarche
Music: Darpa
Music composed & performed by: Wim Mertens


This version of West Australian Ballet's Don Quixote was first presented in 2010 and has most recently been performed by the Company in 2017. The lively Grand pas de deux is a little jewel from our ballet heritage and the adaptation from ballet legend Lucette Aldous is an important part of West Australian Ballet’s repertoire.

Choreographer: Dame Lucette Aldous AC after Marius Petipa
Costume Designer: Allan Lees OAM
Composer: Ludwig Minkus
Muscical Arranger: John Lanchbery
Music performed by: West Australian Symphony Orchestra

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