The Endowment Fund

West Australian Ballet is the oldest Ballet Company in Australia with a rich history of beauty and excellence in dance. To preserve this history and create a lasting legacy the Company has established an Endowment Fund – a capital reserve, which will help provide a future income stream for the company through interest and dividends.


Creating this Endowment is a milestone for the Company and an exciting step towards our bright future. We encourage all our supporters to consider the role they can play in creating a legacy for arts in Western Australia.

Endowment Matching Campaign


Currently, you have the incredible opportunity for your gift to the Endowment to be doubled through the generosity of the Wright Burt Foundation. When you make a gift or pledge before 31 December 2020 your gift will be matched dollar for dollar. Every gift counts and will help take us closer to reaching our goal of $2 million – look at our thermometer to see our progress so far!


Gifts can be made or pledged over multiple years. For example you could pledge $5,000 but donate $1,000 per year and your impact on the Company would still be $10,000!

Donate Now

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Below we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Endowment. We encourage you to read these carefully and then invite you to contact us if you require further information.

An endowment is an investment fund whose capital is invested and where only the interest or earnings on that capital are withdrawn from the fund. The capital balance comes from financial gifts and can increase over time as gifts are given. By preserving the capital, the fund is designed to support West Australian Ballet in perpetuity – forever.

The Endowment is not a separate entity. Endowment gifts will be placed in a separate restricted account, so that these funds are protected and are not able to be used for annual programs.

A constitution has been drafted, which spells out the purpose of the Endowment and the restrictions placed on the use of the funds. The Board of Directors have already approved and adopted this constitution. Only in extreme conditions may the funds be accessed (say, if the very life of the Company is in danger).

Each year, earnings and interest will be earned through the investment of the Endowment funds.  It is these earnings and interest which will help provide additional resources for the general operations of West Australian Ballet (such as dancer salaries, annual seasons), and specific projects (such as Young Artist Scholarships, Commissions and Access Programs).

The investment decisions for the Endowment will be made by the Endowment Investment Committee which will include two Board Directors, the Finance Director of West Australian Ballet, and two independent members who hold appropriate investment expertise.

The Philanthropy Team will provide a report to Endowment Patrons at least once per year to report on earnings received by the Endowment and how those earnings have been spent.

This is a very personal decision. You have a choice of making a gift now to the Endowment, or making a gift in the future through a Bequest in your Will.


We invite you to think about making a gift to the Endowment now or during the early stages of the Endowment being formed. This will allow the Company to acknowledge you as a member of the Endowment, and share with you the difference that this fund will make to the Company.

This is a timing question. An Endowment Gift is a capital gift made now. The capital amount will then be preserved by West Australian Ballet and the interest and earnings will support the company into the future. It means you are able to see the impact of your gift now, and share the successes of the company.


A Bequest is a gift that will be made in the future, as directed by your Will. If you are not in a position to make a capital gift now, then making a Bequest is a wonderful way of including West Australian Ballet in your legacy plans. Some donors will choose to make both a capital gift now, and include a Bequest to the ballet in their Will. All donations made by Bequest will be placed in the Endowment Fund unless otherwise directed by you.

This is also a very personal decision. There is no minimum for an Endowment gift.  A gift of any amount will help to build the capital base of the Endowment. As stated above, given that this is a capital fund, it means that only the earnings will be spent.  It is worth thinking about this when considering the amount that you might like to give. For example – if you made an Endowment gift of $10,000, this would mean that at a conservative rate of return, earnings of between $500-$600 per year would be achieved. A gift of $100,000 would provide the company with approximately $6,000 each year. In guiding your gift, we invite you to think about a one-time gift that is personally significant to you, and reflects your desire to support the future of ballet in WA.


Gifts can be made as a single sum, or spread over several years. Because these gifts are tax-deductible, you may like to consider making a gift over 3-5 years, which may provide a more tax-effective result for you*.


A Bequest gift is a different question, because there are many options to choose from. For specific examples about the different ways you can leave a gift in your Will, please ask for further information about “Leaving a Bequest”.*


*We encourage you to speak to your financial and legal advisers with specific questions.

Endowment Patrons will receive a number of unique event invitations throughout the year, including VIP invitations to watch class, performance events and the opportunity to participate in a ballet class.


Endowment Patrons will also be acknowledged on the Endowment page in programs and other print materials, and on an Honour Board in the Ballet Centre foyer.

When you indicate a gift in your Will, you are invited to join the Kira Bousloff Bequest Circle.  This Circle hosts a number of events each year to which Members are invited, to allow patrons to get to know the dancers, visit the Ballet Centre, and hear about plans for the future. Members of the Kira Bousloff Circle also receive a silver WAB Endowment Pin to acknowledge their commitment.


If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the role that you can play in the future of West Australian Ballet, we invite you to call our Philanthropy team for a confidential conversation.

If you would like to have a confidential conversation, please contact a member of our Philanthropy team via the details below;

Catherine Henwood

Catherine Henwood


Philanthropy Director

(08) 9214 0723


Penelope Dolling

Penny Dolling


Philanthropy Manager – Planned Giving

(08) 9214 0714