Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Step inside and take a peek into the energetic and busy life of West Australian Ballet. See our full time professional dancers rehearse, visit our magical wardrobe department full of colourful creations in the making, or discover the enormous amount of work that goes into building sets and props for our ballets. West Australian Ballet performs a wide array of different shows including:


Neo- Classical:

The movement is at more extreme tempos and often more technical with a strong focus on structure. These ballets focus less on plot and more on structure, music and dance to create mood and themes. Our recent Ballet at the Quarry piece Light and Shadow was a prime example of stripped back neoclassical! Some of our other neo-works include well known stories like Dracula and The Great Gatsby.



Classical ballet is a system of dance, based on formalised movements and positions of the body. West Australian Ballet perform a range of classical ballets from the haunting Giselle to fun family works like The Nutcracker.



Contemporary dance works can be unpredictable with changes in speed, rhythm and direction. There can be a storyline or no story at all –sometimes works can be based on ideas and themes rather than a clear plot. Our Ballet at the Quarry and STATE seasons usually consist of contemporary works.


Get to know our Artistic Director Aurélien Scannella

Building Dracula