The Sleeping Beauty Campione

The Sleeping Beauty Campione

Support The Sleeping Beauty with a donation of:


$150 for two pairs of pointe shoes for Syrene’s Forest Fairies


$350 for a rehearsal tutu


$500 towards the Wig Fund


Make a Campione donation towards The Sleeping Beauty* of:


$1,000 – A Gold Campione gift to restore sets and props


$2,000 – A Ruby Campione costume


$5,000 – A Sapphire Campione costume


$10,000 – A Diamond Campione costume


$25,000 – A Lead Campione costume


*Campione, Italian for ‘Champion’. Minimum Campione gift $1,000

Campione Members are invited to a special OnStage Celebration and acknowledged within The Sleeping Beauty souvenir program.


Costume Patrons will have the opportunity for a personal acknowledgement sewn within their costume of choice.

To discuss the costumes available, please call the Philanthropy team on (08) 9214 0703.


The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty Campione – gone virtual!


Did you miss the Campione Launch this year? That’s okay, it’s now online!


Sit back and immerse yourself as we unveil fascinating insights into the creative process; Aurélien’s decision behind this Beauty, the delicate restoration process, and an exclusive interview with Choreographer Javier Torres.