Barre Collective

Young Professionals at the Ballet

Join a group of 20 – 40 year olds with a passion for the arts, culture and creating social impact as a member of our newly formed Barre Collective.


By making an annual tax-deductible donation to a group fund, Members pool their gifts and vote where their support is directed; including contributing to a new work, dancers’ health and wellbeing, school education programs or by gifting tickets to members of our community facing disadvantage.


Members enjoy:

• The ability to create impact through the Collective’s giving power
• Invites to exclusive Barre Collective events (please note event costs are separate to gift)
• Ongoing opportunities to grow their social and professional networks
• A heightened understanding of dance with fascinating artistic insights
• Mingling with some of Western Australia’s most influential business people


Barre Collective Membership – $250* per year


Barre Collective Plus – $500* per year

Take your impact to the next level as a member of Barre Collective Plus. Through this membership, you will also become a member of our Ballet Giving Circle with invites to attend exclusive Behind-the-Scenes rehearsals, our annual Summer Soirée at the Quarry and Patrons Christmas Party with the dancers!


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*Regular giving options available, e.g. monthly or fortnightly.
Barre Collective events are $70 plus booking fees which cover all catering and ticket costs. This ensures that donations are entirely directed towards the cause that Members have chosen to support.

Barre Collective


Barre Collective events are $70 (plus booking fees) which includes an A-Reserve ticket and all hospitality. This ensures contributions are donated entirely towards the cause that Members have chosen to support.

Want to experience Barre Collective for yourself but not sure about the commitment yet?

We get it, trying something new can be a bit daunting. But we’re so confident you’ll love Barre Collective we’re more than happy to let you come along to your first event before becoming a Member. You’ll just pay the event ticket price.


Simply contact either Penny Dolling or Taui Pinker about giving Barre Collective a test go:

Penny Dolling

Philanthropy Manager – Planned Giving

(08) 9214 0714

Taui Pinker

Philanthropy Manager – Annual Giving

(08) 9214 0703