Matthew & Reika’s Story

Assistant Ballet Mistress Reika and Demi-Soloist Matthew have been dancing and working together for 11 years. They first met in Madrid performing with the Victor Ullate Ballet before joining WAB with Matthew’s twin brother Oliver in 2014. “It’s very rare – next to impossible – for dancers to receive contracts at the same time with the same company, we were incredibly lucky.”


Talent, hard work and a little luck have seen Reika and Matthew achieve so much professionally and personally in the last six years – from promotions to Demi-Soloists and their marriage, to the birth of their beautiful baby girl and Reika’s retirement from the stage. Reika’s subsequent promotion to Assistant Ballet Mistress was a dream come true – “It was as though Christmas and a birthday had all come at once!”


It is hard to imagine a Company playing a greater role in the life of a young couple, but this is where the powerful bonds of friendship within WAB become evident… their ballet colleagues really are family.