Juan Carlos & Dayana’s Story

For Cubans Dayana and Juan Carlos, dancing is in their heart and soul. Before he even considered a ballet career, Juan Carlos was dancing all day, “I thought I was Michael Jackson… I learnt all of his choreography!” Dayana’s love of ballet was instilled by her Mum through training sessions at home every afternoon.


They both completed their training at the National School of Ballet Fernando Alonso Academy, however their decision to pursue this art-form wasn’t without its challenges. “Sometimes it was difficult for us because of our skin colour and people’s expectations.” Despite these challenges, the dream and passion to keep dancing pushed them forward.


They have now travelled the world for their art, dancing for ballet companies in Cuba, South Africa and China, and you can feel their passion, drive and determination radiating from the stage. For these two dancers, they are also dancing for a wider cause – “we also try to help our families back in Cuba”.


While they miss their family, both Dayana and Juan Carlos know they have a special bond with their “ballet family” here in Perth, acknowledging the wonderful friendship and collegiality they share with Sandy and Aurélien, and their fellow dancers.