Annual Giving

Make a difference by supporting West Australian Ballet

Gifts from people like you and me provide resources for our dancers, and allow for the creation of new ballets and performances that will bring that moment to the next generation of West Australians.


We need your help. West Australian Ballet belongs to our community – to you and me. Let’s make it blossom!


Alexandra Burt,

Patron of Private Giving

Alexandra Burt, Patron of Private Giving
Support Artistic Vision

Artistic Vision and Performances

We invite you to support some of the widely varied resources that take us from the vision of our Artistic Director to the final curtain call on Closing Night.


$100 A year’s supply of tights for rehearsals and performances


$500 To underwrite the music licensing costs for GALA


$1,200 Provide live piano accompaniment for two weeks of company class


$2,500 Provide costumes for the Genesis choreographic season


$5,000 Provide an Orchestral Conductor for four performances of Dracula

Pointe Shoe Fund

We invite you to gift a pair of shoes to your favourite dancer!


$75 A pair of pointe shoes for your favourite ballerina


$200 A two month supply of ballet flats for your favourite ballerino


$500 A rehearsal tutu and pair of pointe shoes for your favourite ballerina


$1,000 Pointe shoes for a Principal Dancer’s season performances

Pointe Shoes

The Sleeping Beauty Campione

Help us reawaken our new production of The Sleeping Beauty by making a gift to restore the imperial sets and costumes which fill this fairytale kingdom.


$1,000 Gold Campione


$2,000 Ruby Campione


$5,000 Sapphire Campione


$10,000 Diamond Campione


$25,000 Lead Campione


Campione – Italian for ‘Champion’. Minimum donation $1,000.

Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Lead Campione are invited to Patron a character.

Donate to STATE

Make your STATEment with a gift to underwrite the costs of this new, innovative season.


Make a DARING STATEment with a gift of $500


Make a BRAVE STATEment with a gift of $1,000


Make a BOLD STATEment with a gift of $2,000


Make a DIRECT STATEment with a gift of $5,000


Make a COURAGEOUS STATEment with a gift of $7,500


Make a FEARLESS STATEment with a gift of $10,000


We invite you to consider making a multi-year commitment to support STATE as it becomes a permanent part of our programming. Call Taui Pinker, Philanthropy Manager – Annual Giving on (08) 9214 0703 to find out more.

Support Dancer Health and Wellbeing

Dancer Health and Wellbeing

Support their pursuit of artistic perfection by making a gift to their health and wellbeing.


$100 A dancer’s one-on-one session with our Physiotherapist


$200 Provide pilates equipment (mat, strengthening ring, exercise ball, theraband)


$500 A Health and Mental Wellbeing Workshop for the dancers


$1,200 Provide Strength and Conditioning classes for three months


$3,200 Underwrite physio and massage treatment for a performance season


Help us share the beauty and magic of ballet with all Western Australians across our vast and diverse state.


$75 Subsidise a child’s ticket to the The Nutcracker Schools Matinee performance


$500 Provide dance education packs for classrooms


$1,000 Provide a Community Service Organisation with tickets to STATE


$3,000 Provide training and professional development for WAB Teaching Artists