ALICE Campione

ALICE Campione

Celebrating 10 years of new ballet!


For 10 years, members of Campione have partnered with West Australian Ballet to bring new ballet productions to our state. We invite you to join this very special journey which combines philanthropy, access, artistic content, and some of the brightest global ballet talent to give you a ‘money-can’t-buy’ connection with a very special ballet – ALICE (in wonderland).


As an ALICE ‘Champion’, you will be acknowledged at an exclusive evening with Choreographer Septime Webre as he shares the inspiration behind his distinctive choreography.


You will have an opportunity to view the opulent costumes up close and personal at a private Wardrobe Tour before the Premiere and celebrate your philanthropic support at a special onstage cocktail party where you can ‘walk amongst Wonderland’ just as Alice does! Learn about the ballet in great detail through regular updates and insights into the spectacular elements that culminate in this dazzling re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s iconic tale.


Mischievous, whimsical and spectacular, help us bring the magic of Wonderland to life in 2019!


$1,000 Gold Campione


$2,000 Ruby Campione


$5,000 Sapphire Campione


$10,000 Diamond Campione


$25,000 Lead Campione


$1,000+ Flying Fund supporting the aerial performances in ALICE


Minimum donation $1,000.

Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Lead Campione Patrons will be invited to sponsor a character on stage!



If you have any questions regarding the ALICE Campione, we would love to hear from you! We invite you to call a member of our friendly Philanthropy Team on (08) 9214 0703 or email philanthropy@waballet.com.au to find out more about this wonderful program.