Company List


Mme Kira Bousloff OAM (1914 – 2001)



Her Excellency The Hon. Kerry Sanderson AO
Governor of Western Australia


Ballet Circle Patron

Mrs Alexandra Burt


Honorary Life Members

Barbara Ahern

John Ahern AO
Michael Chappell
Ian Cochrane
John Down
Mme Gundi Ferris OAM
Clair Medhurst
Ken Perry
Rodney Thompson
Gayle Watson-Galbraith


Board of Directors

Dr Robert Edwardes, Chair
David Smith, Deputy Chair
Gavin Bain
Tim Bult
Roger Davies
Michael Henderson
Carolyn Kidd
Greg Meyerowitz
Heather Zampatti


Artistic Director: Aurelien Scannella

Chief Executive: Steven Roth
Executive Assistant and Philanthropy Coordinator: Taui Pinker



Ballet Master: Craig Lord-Sole

Ballet Mistress: Sandy Delasalle-Scannella
Artistic Administrator: Alica Byfield

Music Coordinator: Michael Brett



Finance Director: Trish Wyn-Jones

Head of Operations: Marcus Whelan

Accountants: Fang Tyng Chong, Lilian Ochieng


Marketing and development

Communications and Sponsorship Director: Sarah-Jane Emslie

Business Development Executive: Lisa Barrett

Philanthropy Manager: Catherine Henwood

Education and Access Manager: Deborah Robertson

Acting Marketing Manager: Cassandra Williamson

Marketing Coordinator: Anthea McCormick

Content Development and Publicity Officer: Tony Currie
Sponsorship & Events Coordinator: Leanne Beer

Education Officer: Rebecca Sneddon

Customer Services Officer: Amanda Leigh



Production Stage Manager: Louise Wardle
Head Mechanist: Mat Norman
Head of Wardrobe: Lyndell Darch
Deputy Head of Wardrobe: Kate Ebsary
Wardrobe Assistant: Danielle Miller

Production Electrician: Eugenio Hallen
Floor Technician: Gary Wright



Head of Dancer Wellbeing: Jenny Woods
Physiotherapist: Victoria Simpson
Masseurs: Jesse Jacobs, Petra Clogher
Pilates Instructor: Chael Hilton
Conditioning Instructor: Michael Makossa

Dietician: Simone Allen


Company Associates

Publicity Consultant: Rosita Stangl
Pianists: Mark Turton, Gennaro Di Donna, Sarah Soon
Medical Consultant: Dr Scott Isbel
Photography: Sergey Pevnev, Chantel Concei, Emma Fishwick

Brochure Design: Marketforce

General Design: The Mad Empire
Web & Online: TW Creative
Printing: Abbott & Co Printers
Cleaning: Bio Office
Transport: Kim Westbrook