Pointe Shoe Fund

Pointe Shoe Gift

Every year, West Australian ballerinas dance their way through more than 700 pairs of pointe shoes at a cost of $60,000. And if the role and the steps are especially demanding, principals can dance through a single pair of shoes in just one performance!


Beyond theatre performances, West Australian Ballet brings the magic of ballet to our community in countless ways, from open rehearsals at the Ballet Centre in Maylands to community classes for children and adults, performances at community events, and educational programs from Bunbury to Broome… all done in pointe shoes.


Celebrate the joy of ballet with us by donating a pair of pointe shoes for a ballerina. By making a tax-deductible gift of $75 you will gift a brand new pair of new pointe shoes to a dancer, an essential piece of equipment for rehearsals and performances, and the ultimate symbol of the ballet art-form.


Please join us. Your gift of a pair of pointe shoes will be worn with pride and joy by West Australian Ballet dancers.


  • $75 to buy a pair of shoes for your favourite dancer
  • $150 to buy two pairs of shoes for your favourite dancers
  • $500 for one week of pointe shoes for your favourite Principal Dancer plus Ballet Circle membership*

*Ballet Circle members receive recognition in company publications and insights into West Australian Ballet through special events and opportunities.





Click here to download the Pointe Shoe brochure.