Giving Circles


West Australian Ballet belongs to the West Australian community.


Through the beauty of ballet, we strive to entertain, communicate, connect and delight our audiences with stories that have been shared across the world for centuries.


West Australian Ballet is dedicated to reaching new artistic heights each year and we need the generosity of our community to continue our work towards this vision.


We create an artistic experience where, for one special moment, each of us – women, men, children – have the opportunity to share the joy and thrill of ballet and the ageless stories which connect us.


The support of individuals and corporations is vital to bring these productions to life; from staging to costumes and the health and training of our dancers. From the delicate pointe shoes that allow our dancers to float across the stage to the thousands of rehearsal hours that enable every flawless movement during performance. Your generosity will make it all happen.


Your gift, regardless of the amount, will allow us to take another step in our dance for you and the people of our state.


We invite you to become a part of the story of West Australian Ballet.


 Pointe Shoe Fund


Nothing symbolises ballet more than a pair of pointe shoes.


And each pair of worn pointe shoes tells its own unique story: Hours of rehearsal in the studio… a performance in Albany or Karratha… ballet demonstrations in a local primary school… or an open-air performance at the Quarry amphitheatre.


Every year, West Australian Ballet dancers will jeté, pirouette and arabesque through hundreds of pairs of pointe shoes at a staggering cost of $60,000.


Will you support our ballerinas by giving them a pair of new shoes?


$75 One pair of shoes for your favourite ballerina


$200 A pair of pointe shoes and a rehearsal tutu for your favourite ballerina


$500 One week of pointe shoes for a prima ballerina during a performance season


The Great Gatsby


The Australian Premiere of The Great Gatsby will open in Perth in September 2017.


One of the great choreographic story tellers of our time, David Nixon OBE will effortlessly transported you back to an era of champagne, jazz, affluence and elegance.


You can be part of this exciting Premiere by joining the Gatsby Campione, our “Gatsby Champions”.


When you join the Gatsby Campione, you will also receive an invitation to meet the talented choreographer and costume designer, David Nixon OBE at a special Campione celebration.  By supporting this production you also become a champion of new repertoire for West Australian Ballet and the people of our state.


$1,000 Gold Campione


$2,000 Ruby Campione


$5,000 SapphireCampione


$10,000 Diamond Campione


$25,000 Lead Campione



Dancer Health & Wellbeing


Our dancers are the life-blood of our company. They are the perfect balance of competitive athletes who train daily to improve their strength, flexibility and endurance and highly skilled artists who perform effortlessly with beauty and grace.


As athletes, they need ongoing professional treatment to train, maintain and rehabilitate their precious bodies. As artists, they live and breathe their art-form.


We invite you to support our dancers’ total commitment to ballet.




$100 One month supply of 4-way tape to repair injuries


$150 Pilates essentials pack (mat, strengthening ring, foam roller, theraband and massage ball)


$1,000 Conditioning classes for the entire company for two months


$2,000 A Principal Dancer’s recovery sports massage for a full season


Artistic Vision & Performances


It takes a team of highly trained professionals to bring together all the elements of a magical performance: from lighting plans to sprung floors, conductors and musicians, make-up artists and stage managers to name a few! We invite you to support the performances for which West Australian Ballet is known and admired, and become a partner in the realisation of our company’s artistic vision.


$100 Provide a freelance pianist for a ballet studio rehearsal


$500 350m section of rope for rigging sets and equipment


$3,000 Licensing costs for a performance season of an existing ballet


$6,000 Musical scores for the conductor and musicians for a performance at His Majesty’s Theatre


Education & Access


West Australian Ballet brings the joy and athleticism of ballet to our schools through in-school residency programmes, matinee performances for school-groups and classes in regional centres whilst on tour. It is a challenge to bring ballet to communities from Albany to Broome and everywhere in-between – we would love your help in sharing music, dance and culture with all West Australians.


$500 Help bring expert knowledge to the general public by supporting an in-season Pre-Performance talk


$1,000 Fund the Masterclass Auditions for talented young West Australian dancers


$1,500 A professional learning workshop for K-12 teachers to incorporate dance into classrooms across the state


Young Artist Programme


The future of ballet rests with our young dancers, and West Australian Ballet nurtures and develops gifted dancers with training programmes that can kickstart their career. With performance opportunities and real-life experience in a world-class company, we provide a foundation for their future in the ballet industry.


Click on the link below to request more information about our Young Artist Programme.


Giving Circles



Our Friends Circle receive invitations to regular Behind the Scenes* events, and keep up to date with the latest information about the company through our newsletter Ballet News.  Friends Circle members also receive invitations to special events including the Summer Soiree and the Company Christmas Party*.

* Ticket costs apply.



BALLET CIRCLE $500 – $4,999


Ballet Circle members enjoy getting to know Aurelien Scannella and West Australian Ballet dancers through a variety of events including Behind the Scenes and Curtain Down*.  Ballet Circle members can keep in touch with the company activities through Ballet News and Backstage at the Ballet publications.

* Ticket costs apply.





Director’s Circle members are acknowledged as philanthropic leaders and are invited to a number of key events throughout the year which enable them to enjoy a more personal connection with all levels of the company.  Includes invitations to Director’s Circle performances*, InStudio and other VIP events.

* Ticket costs apply.




Buy a Brick Campaign

West Australian Ballet is now settled into our fabulous new home, West Australian Ballet Centre in Maylands – however it isn’t too late to become a special part of this project and have your name ‘up in lights’.


With a gift of just $500, your name will be featured on a special wall featured in the building, and your contribution will personally give you pride of place in this historic development for the West Australian Ballet.
Funds raised from the sale of ‘bricks’ will ensure that this stunning art deco building is a vibrant, artistic home for talented dancers and our wider communities.


Click on the link below to request more information about our Buy a Brick Campaign.